Match Reports Sunday 24 May

AAWD1 v Oatley RSL Win 2-0

Another sunny Sunday morning a beautiful day for soccer, after a sound warm up the girls were pumped up and ready to go. It wasn’t long before we were on the score board. A great team effort clearing the ball from an Oatley corner Tully took it and ran the length of the field, with a shot soring to the top corner the goalie never stood a chance!

The mids didn’t stop running all game and this payed off when several passes hit their mark and Kiarne was away resulting in another brilliant goal. Hannah Farrar was strong in defence as always, not letting Oatley any clear shots at goal.

Second half Oatley came out firing and we were under pressure from the start. Ebony and Sara were brick walls in defence combined with some amazing saves once again by Jess in goals we kept Oatley scoreless. Vanessa, Zoe and Lauren were fantastic supporting the forwards as well as dropping back to help the defence. Great team effort girls, see you all Tuesday night. [ED: or next Sunday…]

AAWC v Oatley RSL Lost 3 -2

It was a different kind of start for us this week. Instead of being sunny it was cloudy and instead of having a kazillion reserves on the sideline we had just 11 players. In the first half we were doing well despite them having 3 reserves and Larissa even manage to score a nice goal against the run of play. Then Larissa went down. Hard. In a mix of giggling and possibly crying she hopped from the field, out of action for the rest of the game (and 6 weeks it turns out). We tried hard with 10 players, but that one gap did make a difference to the game. Luckily Nicole arrived around 10 minutes later to give us 11 again. Kirsty and Kylie were strong in attack, with Frances and Ash as good support. Bree, Bel, Erica, Steph and Emma did a great job in defence, despite some of us being under the weather. There was a goal for Oatley to equalise and then the game really was on. Unfortunately they had a great shot that floated over the goalie’s head into the top corner to be in front. Nicole answered a while later with a 360 pirouette goal that went through the goalie’s leg. Sadly, they won the game off a penalty kick (it was a very nice catch though Ash!) It was a nice game, played in good spirit and the other team were very pleasant. It was just a shame that we couldn’t pull off a win. Better luck next week! Lesson for the week- if you catch the ball in the goal box, you’re automatically volunteering for goalie the next week!

AAWC v Connells Point Lost 1-0

A bit of a change this week. Sun shining, game time made late and venue changed due to rain and 3 reserves. Not a bad start! The first half was quite smooth and we were playing well. We started to get a flow going with some nice passes and movement up the field, as well as some good defence. Ash who had volunteered herself for goals started out nervous but then looked quite confident when it came to her. Bel, Bree, Emma and Erica presented a strong backline that kept the Rovers out the whole first half. Allana and Kirsty looked great upfront, showing some skill and speed. Brooke, Laura, Fran, Kylie, Katie and Nicole provided some nice passes, attack and defence in the middle, creating some opportunities for attack and keeping the opposition under wraps. The second half saw Allana in goals and Ash on the field and a change in structure in the middle. We played strongly for the first ten or so but sadly after that their striker got a good shot on goal which she didn’t miss. It was well deserved due to her ball skill and tenacity, but it was shame considering how hard we were working. True to our form we kept trying and working up and back. We kept them out for the rest of the game but couldn’t convert ourselves. Maybe everyone won’t agree with me, but I thought there were some really positive aspects to take away from the game. More players are starting to talk, our fitness is improving, there’s some great passing happening, we are beginning to look back and forward and more of us are able to read the game. I personally am looking forward to next week! A word of advice though- if you’re going to run into someone don’t pick the biggest player on the field. You’re going to have a bad time!

035 v Rockdale City Suns Won 10-0

Wow what a result and as the old saying goes the score did not represent the true game .It should’ve been 16 or 17, but it was still a clinical thrashing and very entertaining for the crowd who attended Sunday arvo. We started the game strong with a goal in the opening 5 minutes , but the following 40 minutes only saw us add one more and we entered half time only 2 nil up despite been camped in Rockdale’s half and having well over half a dozen great chances . After half time we came out a totally different team, our passing was faster and more accurate, our movement off the ball was great and our finishing was much improved. Although we still missed a lot of good chances once again. Maverick scored 4 , Michael R 3 and goals to Pete , Gabe and Wayne rounded out the double figure win . We are improving as a team and if we continue to move the ball around with sharp passing, our opposition will tire and we will always finish the stronger. A big couple of games by our defence has resulted in 2 clean sheets and with our midfield and attack starting to fire the 035Cs are charging up the ladder. Let’s continue this winning form away from home next week.

O35 D2 v Kogarah Waratahs Won 1-0

As the score line suggests, this game was closely fought between both sides and it was a kick from the penalty mark that separated the teams at the end of 90 minutes. That said, overall we had the better run of play and squandered multiple chances with the woodwork receiving the brunt of our shots. In a complete team effort, all were worthy of a mention, however our hat’s go off this week to Con who was solid in the middle of the park and Gossy who after attending his bro’s 50th up the coast the night before and partaking in “a couple of beers” not only turned up well before most (which was outstanding in itself) but had a cracking game.

And in rebuttal. I remember some advice I once heeded; keep it short and sweet to keep them interested. Mmm, I wonder if he’ll find that in his bag.

O35D1 v Oatley RSL Lost 1-2

This was a disappointing loss – overall it felt like another good game; we defended well in the first half, however lacked some of the pressure in the attack we saw in the last game and didn’t have a great lot of scoring opportunities. Scoreless at the break, we were able to increase the pace in our attack at the beginning of the first half and had several good chances, with Ali hitting the crossbar with a header and several shots on goal(keeper) and a number of well-prepared attacks.

We were rewarded for our efforts when a deflected shot from the tireless Nathan finally found the back of the net.

Several more chances were had, with good play through the midfield by Con, Shaun, Andrew & Milton, however Oatley were able to get two goals back in close succession, both times we just weren’t able to clear the ball out of the box, and their excellent goalkeeper – you’ll know it when you play him, it’s the guy that looks like Ned Kelly reborn – thwarted all our remaining efforts.

O45 v Hurstville Zagreb Lost 1-2

That Homeless man was on the sideline again. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. If I see him again next week it’s stalking.

Hooray. Five games in and our first home game at Gannons, on a Sunday. Oh, sorry I forgot, there are no home games in over 45s.

Boo that we lost

With injuries to Luke, Lucas and Swifty we had some talent sitting on the sideline. Just what that talent might be I am yet to find out. Swifty reckons he’s good on the Banjo, but as Mark Twain was quoted “A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the banjo and doesn’t” so I don’t think that counts.swifty 2

Note to Swifty (AKA me). Don’t forget its ok to refer to oneself in the third person when writing but not when talking out loud. Swifty like Sherriff Bart.

We controlled the game for about the first 25 minutes. It looked like we had it over the competition joint leaders. We scored first. A nice goal by newcomer Vlad. Fabian was unlucky as it looked like he scored, with the ball rolling over the goal line only to have the keeper drag it back.

Hurstville started to come back into the game and if not for man of the match performance by Tonksi, Hurstville would have won by a few more. He saved two penalties (he did give one of them away) and numerous other miraculous saves. One of our spectators even overheard the opposition goalie exclaiming (insert swear word here) he’s good.

The game could have gone either way but now we know we can match it with the top teams especially after last week’s effort. It didn’t help our cause today with Dom and Fabian having to come off with injuries.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to young Harry Gidney during the game. He asked me (amongst a lot of other things) why Gus (not his dad, the other one) is mad. I said what sort of mad. Angry mad, he has such an angry voice. I told him he is just very enthusiastic and not really angry.

Another note. This time to Lucas. Don’t rely on Swifty to do anything important for more than two minutes, Mind of a goldfish. He asked Swifty to look after his bag on the sideline while he organised the match sheet. He watched it for about two minutes and wandered off.” Who’s going to take his bag? All it’s got in it are a few bibs and other manager stuff. Well needless to say it disappeared. Lucas wasn’t happy. It’s got the beer money in it. Luckily it turned up after a quick search. The 13 girl’s manger picked it up by mistake.

What’s in the Bag?

No one got last week’s one. Only five people mentioned it. Hooray, readership is up 200%.

It was Swiftys (AKA me) bag. The foreign coins were from my European cycling trip last year. The next three things were bike related. I raised money for charity as part of the cycling trip. Crush, for reasons known only to him, said he would double his already sizable donation if I posted a photo of me sitting on my bike in a thong (G string) on my donation page. I did, and also wore a pair a thongs on my feet. He got three for the price of one. Other players also made generous donations because of the photo. Thank you. I would have done it for free though.

This week’s what’s in the Bag

About $8,000 in cash (less $50 now). I guess his mattress is full. A pair of children’s soccer boots. A book. Conversational Japanese.

Whose bag is it?

Final note. We may have a challenge game on at seasons end. Over 35Cs vs over 45s. A few over 45s were watching the 35Cs play after their game today and I posed the question. Who would win between the two teams? Overwhelming response from over 45 players was we would. What are your thoughts over 35Cs?

Game on?

Promise not to mention Swifty in next report.

[ED: And make it shorter?]

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Sunday games are ON!

BUT, please check draw as some have changed times and grounds.

Good luck all!

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We’re still waiting to hear about Sunday – enjoy your football-free day!

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Next Coach and Managers Meeting: Monday 25 May

The next Coach and Managers meeting will be held at Maso’s next Monday, 25 May from 7.00pm (please note earlier time start – it will finish on time at 8.00pm). Make sure a representative of your team turns up to collect ref money, get general updates, as well as further information regarding the Richo Cup.

See you there!

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The much awaited HOODIES are in. We have some in all sizes and will be available for purchase this SUNDAY (17th May) in the morning between 9am and 10:30am, at the canteen.

Make sure you tell all parents and players-especially newcomers who don’t have one! ($10 children and $20 adults) 

PLEASE make an effort to get there between that time as they will go quick and this time slot has been set aside especially in order to not clash with busy periods.


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NOTICE of Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that our Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 29 June, from 8pm at Masos. All financial and Life members are invited to attend. This is where we are presented with the financials, President and Secretary’s reports and vote on any constitutional changes, Life Members and the 2016 Committee. If you wish to propose changes to the constitution or nominate a Life Member you must send this in writing to Tracey, our Secretary, by COB Monday 18 May, 2015.

ALSO: grounds are still closed so we can keep them ready for the weekend. Please check the draw as some games have changed and some are playing double headers.


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Updated draw plus grounds closed

Hi all – check the St George website for changes to the draw this weekend and next weekend. Please note you may have double-headers.

Also, grounds are still CLOSED today, so do not play or train on Gannons. It will be re-assessed by Hurstville Council tomorrow.

Let’s hope the rain stays away for the weekend!

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ALL games CANCELLED this weekend

Catch up on the washing, bake a cake, watch the A-League and let’s hope the weather clears soon!

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All ground still CLOSED

They are being assessed tomorrow – will post information about this weekend’s games as soon as we know. You can also keep checking the St George website and Hurstville Council’s Facebook page.

Please do NOT train or play on Gannons Park!

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Weekend games UPDATE

Due to the unprecedented rain received over the past few days and the condition of the grounds, Hurstville City Council will keep ALL sporting fields CLOSED until Monday when they will be reinspected.

The following decisions have been made at this stage while the Association waits to hear from both Rockdale and Kogarah Councils today (Friday 24th April):

  • All O45, O35, PWL and AAW matches scheduled for this weekend have been CANCELLED.
  • Premier League, AAA and AAB squad matches will be played on Sunday 26th at venues to be advised should sufficient grounds be available.
  • All Junior Girls matches scheduled for Sunday 26th April will be played should grounds be available.
  • Outstanding catch up matches (excluding squads) required to be played from previous rounds will be played on Sunday 26th April should grounds be available.

Tracey will advise relevant coaches and managers of any game possibilities via email. You can also check the St George website for updates.

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