Want to be part of all the FUN behind the scenes with Forest Rangers FC?

We are looking for a volunteer to fill the vacant position in our committee as Registrar. Keeping in mind that the Registrar is required mainly at the beginning of the season.

Ideally the person would need to possess computer skills/confidence since the systems in place are computer based. The role will be shared with 2 already appointed Assistant Registrar’s this year (unlike previous years) as our club has grown substantially and is now one of the largest in the SGFA!

Below is an overview of the Registrar’s role, the workload broken up over the season.  The heaviest period of work being between March-April.


  • Set up registration packages ready for January through myfootballclub.com.au
  • Attend SGFA registrar training day


  • Attend weekend registration days
  • Assist with registration of new and existing player. Problem solving etc

February to April

  • Set up & allocate players to teams in iCompman system
  • Attend submission of teams and grading’s to SGFA
  • Collection and distribution of player and RTO cards

April to June 30

  • Submission and collection of late registrations
  • Submission and collection of regrades

Our previous Registrar (and now President) James Brennan, will be available to assist with any queries as needed.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer for our local community. Volunteers are always needed so if you would like to assist in any form we would like to hear from you. Please contact either Tracey Alex (traceyalex@live.com.au) or Tony Karahalias (tckara@optusnet.com.au).


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Farewell to our Long Serving Committee Members

This year we bid farewell to some of our long serving committee members who will be missed for their contributions to the club and for their overall good nature and friendship:

Tony Karahalias (President 2013-2016, Vice-President 2010-2012)


Paul Blair & Tony Karahalias

Tony could not fit enough FRFC jobs into his schedule, starting with the 6am field setup every morning on a Saturday & Sunday and 5pm packup many weekends, answering (most) calls during registration at a rate of 30 calls/min (Good Luck Jimmy), led the way in organising the Richo Cup events, sponsorship deal breaker and everything in between.

Paul “Blairy” Blair (Vice President 2013-2016, 2005-2006 and Committee duties in between)

Blairy spent his weekends joining Tony with the setup/packup of fields, meticulously checking & fixing every match sheet, and every ad-hoc job that came his way.  Blairy will not stray, we are certain he will be around for the 100th Anniversary!



Linda Blair & Tracey Alex


Tracey Alex (Secretary 2005-2016)

Tracey has been organising all of us for over a decade! She has served 3 presidents: Tim Hooper, Chris Bailey and Tony Karahalias, but has decided it is time to leave James with his new right hand man, Sharlene.  In between her general business duties, she has organised many memorable events over the years. She has also been team manager since 2004. Her profound knowledge of the sport and club is going to be missed. Tracey will hang around for a while longer so we can pick her brain!




Dusty McSheffrey


Dusty McSheffrey (Committee member 2013-2016)

Dusty has been coaching his daughter’s team for many years, assisting at the canteen, helping out with events, always being around when called upon, had the privilege of doing the bread run every morning for the canteen and he also was involved with organising and maintaining Teamapp. You may still be able to catch a glimpse of Dusty at Gannons Park in the years ahead.

Terry Glitsos

Terry is always the first person to help with the kids and has been around for many years as a coach. Terry helps out with the co-ordination of the juniors at the beginning of each year, in particular the U6s. He has been involved in helping at all the committee events, presentations, rego days etc. Terry has also been serving on the Judiciary at SGFA for the last couple of years. He is someone we have always relied on for a very steady, unbiased and unemotional opinion when some committee decisions get difficult. Quiet and sometimes overlooked but always a valuable asset to our club and will be missed.

Linda Blair (Canteen Manager 2015-2016)

Linda was committed every weekend of the season as a volunteer in the canteen for the last couple of years.  She sacrificed her weekends off and missed watching her kids’ games for 2 seasons which we sincerely appreciate.  We will miss her infectious smile at the canteen next year!

(BTW Canteen helpers wanted – contact forestrangerspublicity@gmail.com)


We would like to welcome our new committee next year and especially to our new  floor members:


Incoming Vice President Brian Faust (L) and President James Brennan (R)


President: James Brennan
Vice President: Brian Faust
Secretary: Sharlene Hicks
Treasurer: Kylie Richardson
Registrar: Vacant
Assistant Registrar: Sam Bullock/ Gina Travas
Recorder: Larissa Trimble
Canteen Manager 1: Kassie Paice
Canteen Manager 2: Chrissie Jesse
Communications Officer: Gina Travas
Equipment Officer: Bob Klinker
Sponsorship Officer: Vacant
Social Games Organiser: Bruce Kalan/Dave McDougall
Junior Development Coach: Jono Nolan
Senior Development Coach: Steve Canty
Womens Development Coach: Joel Hooper
Age Co-ordinators: 6-11-Greg West, 12-18-Gus Warren, 35s/45s- Paul Blair, Girls-Bruce Kalan
Ground Maintenance: Sam Bullock
Public Officer: Tracey Alex
Returning Officer: Bob Klinker
Child Protection Officer: Kassie Paice
Floor Members: Dave McDougall, Walter Dalla- Camino, Michael Rees, Gino Santangelo, Con Sorras, Greg West, Steve MacMahon, Ben Smith

Just a reminder that registrations will be open from 1st week of January 2017 so look out for our posts in December.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in Season 2017!

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Gear Collection (Wed 5/10/16)

The following teams have not returned their gear:

U6B6, U6B7, U6B8 ,U7B4, U9B1, U9B2, U10B U13B, U14b, U15b, U16G1, U17/181, U17/182, AAA, AAG1, AAF, PWL, AAWB1, AAWC, 35B,35D1.

Bob will be at the dressing sheds on Wednesday 5th October between 6pm-7pm. This will be the last time gear can be handed in so please be considerate of our Bob and organise to have the gear dropped off by anyone in the team.

Thanks in advance.

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St George FA Rep Trials

The schedule for the St George Football Association representative trials for the 2017 season is below.  Please pass on to your players:

Riverine Park, West Botany Street, Rockdale

SAP Boys
Sunday 16th October 2016
Under 9           (Born 2008)     @         9.00am Start
Under 10         (Born 2007)     @         10.30am Start
Under 11         (Born 2006)     @         12.00pm Start
Under 12         (Born 2005)     @         1.30pm Start

SAP Girls
Saturday 22nd October 2016
Under 10         (Born 2007)     @         9.00am Start
Under 12         (Born 2005)     @         10.30am Start

NPL Youth
Sunday 30th October 2016
Under 13         (Born 2004)     @         9.00am Start
Under 14         (Born 2003)     @         10.30am Start
Under 15         (Born 2002)     @         12.00pm Start
Under 16         (Born 2001)     @         1.30pm Start

COE Under 8
Saturday 5th November 2016
Under 8           (Born 2009)     @         9.00am Start

You must enroll online prior to attending the trials by visiting this link:

You are required to bring Soccer Boots, Shin Pads and Refreshments for your child.
Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

All enquiries should be directed to operations@sgfa.com.au.

More information about the competition and programs can be found by clicking on the links below:

Football NSW Declaration of League 2017
Football NSW Competition Information
SGFA Centre of Excellence

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Oh What A Night…

Our Senior Presentation Night went off with a bang last Saturday 24th September 2016! There was much to celebrate this year due to the success of many teams.

Congratulations again to our AAA Squad, congrats to our 7, 10 and 15 year long serving players and to the following Senior players who received the Players’ Player of the Year Award for their dedication and sportsmanship throughout the year:

17/18A – Conor Ryan
17/18C – Shaun McManus
O35B – Richard Alsweiler
O35C – Simon Mcauley
O35D1 – Ali Taoube
O35D2 – Matt Bennett
PLW – Cassandra Pasoski
AAWB1 – Laura Raymond
AAWB2 – Stephanie Yates
AAWC – Angie McCoy
AAA – Greg West
AAA/R – Steven Bailey
AAD – Michael Rizoski
AAF – Andrew Yates
AAG1 – Nathan Simms
AAG2 – Travis Stewart

It was a memorable night and we owe a big thanks to Belinda West, Tracey Alex and the girls for setting up and organising the event.  Thanks to our major sponsor St George Maso’s for hosting the event and to our many other sponsors who have supported our club this year and have contributed in making it what it is today.

We have uploaded the photos of the night on our flickr page so check them out!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in Season 2017!  Registrations will be open from 1st week of January 2017 so look out for our posts in December.


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Summer Kick Around

Our yearly Summer kick-around starts Wednesday 5th October 2016 from 6.30pm (and every Wednesday evening after that).

Meet at Gannons Park change room – bring water and shin pads. This is aimed for male players aged 16 and up.


For all the girls aged between 12-17,  our very own coach from Forest Rangers FC, Vince Colagiuri, is holding for FREE, 6 a side game sessions at Todd Park Blakehurst on Wednesday’s between 5.30-6.30pm

This is a great opportunity to have a bit of fun playing the game in a different format. Please contact Vince on 0400 324 432 to book your spot. 

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Senior Presentation Night

Our SENIOR presentation night is on Saturday 24th September in the St George Maso’s Auditorium, commencing at 6pm.

The night is for players in the U17s and up, as well as Coaches and Managers of senior teams and Committee Members. You are all expected to attend!  Partners are welcome – no children please.  Dinner and entertainment will provided at no charge.  Dress is casual.

Please contact Tracey via traceyalex@live.com.au with numbers asap.

See you there!

AAAR 1.jpg

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Forest Rangers Cycling Club

Now that the soccer season is over, Forest Rangers Cycling Club will be back on the bikes for their regular Sunday morning rides, and midweek rides for whoever can make them.

If you enjoy riding come and join them. Their usual Sunday ride starts at 6.30am and is 50 Klms at a pretty casual pace. If you don’t want to go that far turn around a bit earlier and meet up at the Como Marina Cafe for a coffee afterwards.

For more information contact Swifty at craigswift@optusnet.com.au.

Don’t be shy – have a go!

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Junior Presentation Day Wrap-up

What fantastic weather we had for our Juniors’ presentation Day last Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came along and for their patience. It was a long process with over 500 trophies handed out on the day.

We presented our U13 Girls (Minor Premiers & Grand Final winners) with their FRFC premiership jumpers, SGFA Premiership trophies, and the Tom McQuinn Trophy for the most outstanding junior team in the Club.  Congrats again girls!


U13 Girls Minor Premiers & Grand Final Winners!

Congratulations also to the following teams:

  • The Norm Ward encouragement award went to U9B3
  • Presidents Trophy for the most outstanding junior team in the Club not to win a premiership went to U14G1
  • Secretary’s Trophy for the most improved A or B grade went to U15B
  • Treasurer’s Trophy for the most improved C or D grade went to U12C
  • Peter Dawson Trophy for the most improved junior girl’s team went to U12G

We presented some players with their FRFC 7-years & 10-years of service jerseys which is a fantastic effort so congratulations to those players also.

The kids had an absolute ball on the jumping castles & slide, and the snow cones and popcorn were a big hit with the kids (and dare I say the adults too!)

It was an all round wonderful family day out and a great way to celebrate the end of another season.

A huge thanks to the many helpers (committee and others) in the canteen, BBQ, organising and setting up the event. They did a great job in making the day a success and we would be lost without them. 

Check out our Flickr site for pics of the day.

See you all in 2017 – Go Rangers!

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Gear Collection

The following teams have not returned their gear:U6B6, U6B7, U6B8 ,U7B4, U9B1, U9B2, U10B U13B, U14b, U15b, U16G1, U17/181, U17/182, AAA, AAG1, AAF, PWL, AAWB1, AAWC, 35B,35D1.

Please do not bring your gear to the Junior Presentation day or Senior Presentation night as the committee will be busy with other commitments on the day.

Bob will be at the dressing sheds on Wednesday 5th October between 6pm-7pm. This will be the last time gear can be handed in so please be considerate of our Bob and organise to have the gear dropped off by anyone in the team.

Thanks in advance.

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