Kanga Schools Program: a good news story!

Last year Chris Bailey arranged for our old strips to be donated to the Kanga Schools Program in Sierra Leone. This just in from Barbie Davis, the Director of the program:

The uniforms provided by you were allocated to 3 schools:  the one in the photograph is the Benevolent Islamic Secondary school at Makeni, it has a school population of approx 2500, and the sponsor for this school is the president.  This school has received a lot of support from Kanga schools, and is the one in the photograph of solar lanterns on the website.
The second school is Yonibana secondary with 1250 students – this school has a joint partnership with Kanga with library construction, water tank, and solar power; – the sponsor is a refugee who arrived in Australia approx 6 years ago, and is currently living in Brisbane and now an Australian citizen, this is his old school.
The third school is Kabala Secondary which is a new school situated north of Makeni, far beyond the bigger towns – it has a population of almost 900 and is a new member of the Kanga project, its sponsor is the Education Minister.
Many thanks for your support with this, and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Our big thanks to Chris for, what was in the end, a huge effort to get the strips sent there.

Have a great week all!