Game changes

Apologies for delays but we have only just been informed of game changes by the Association. Please download the files below and take careful note as some games have moved grounds, some have been cancelled and some stay the same:

  • Copy of FINALSERIES WK3  Games hilighted in GREEN for Finals games have been Moved.
  • Copy of Non Comp 230814 Games hilighted in YELLOW for the Non – Comp are the Grounds that are CLOSED (i.e. your game is cancelled, as there are only a few teams affected we are trying to get something happening – your coach/manager will advise)

Junior Medals

As noted in the newsletter, all junior teams (i.e. Non Comp) should come to Gannons canteen after their game to collect your St George medal. If your game has been cancelled we still encourage you to come to Gannons anyway – you can get your medals, watch other Rangers teams and help in the canteen!

Gannons Park

Gannons is open for games tomorrow (Saturday). We desperately need help in the canteen that day so all teams playing there please come over – even 30 minutes assistance will be gratefully received.

Keep watching website and Facebook page for updates.

We have three teams playing Grand Finals on Saturday (14C2; 16B and AAG) and we wish them the best of luck.

Go Rangers!!