Registering as a coach, manager or RTO – UPDATE

This year again all coaches, managers and RTOs need to register with MyFootballClub.

Go to the MyFootballClub online registration page and follow the prompts. Make sure you click on Coach Registration on the site. If you don’t have your FFA number handy just use the search function. When you choose your club make sure you choose Forest Rangers (SGFA). It will also ask you what level you’re coaching – just choose one option. We have been advised that everyone must upload a new photo for 2015 (however, when I registered it still had my photo in the system so you may get away with it…). A passport-size photo is the best to upload – your chance to try out that new selfie stick you got for Christmas!

If you have forgotten your FFA password just try using your FFA number.

Once I register as a coach, manager or RTO what do I do?

You must come to Registration day to complete some forms (and provide ID if you are a new RTO). We have not been given the forms to put online yet and your registration won’t be approved until these are signed so we need you to turn up. Rego Day will be held at St George Maso’s, Sunday 8 February 10.30-4pm.

If you have any questions contact our Registrar James via email: For queries about your FFA number or online registration contact MyFootballClub (02) 8020 4199.

Please note we will not be chasing photos or paperwork this year so it is important that you follow these instructions so we have enough RTOs for both trial games and the beginning of the season.