Want to know how to register for Rangers in 2015??

Hi all. Have had several queries about how to register. Best place to start is with instructions here. Please feel free to contact us if needed (details on right hand side of this page) and we’ll do our best to help. You need to register online before Rego Day.

Who needs to come to Rego Day?

  • All NEW players must to come to have their proof of age confirmed and collect gear.
  • All STUDENT registrations need to come to show ID before your registration can be approved.
  • EXISTING players only need to come to pay cash registration fees, receive family discounts or collect gear if necessary.
  • RTOs to hand in forms and show ID if new (more on RTO registration here).

BUT remember, you MUST REGISTER ONLINE FIRST – we cannot do it for you!

Have I made myself clear?? 🙂