Time to name and shame…

Below are the teams who are still to return their gear. Please contact Bob ASAP before he comes to your house personally…:

  • 8 Ant 1 Coach Bob Bubevski, Manager Dave Parawa
  • 17B1 Coach Mark Mavrick (No Shirts or First Aid Kit)
  • 6 Bee3 Coach Neil Deuis, Manager Carlos Lopez
  • 6 Bee 7 Coach Andy Felice, Manager Patty Martin
  • 16 GC Coach Richard Kent, manager Bree Kent
  • AAWC Coach Geogdie Neville, Manager Stephanie Yates
  • AAWD2 Coach Paul Blair, Manager Courtney Bailey
  • AAE Coach Frank Argiro

 If any of these Manager or Coaches want to contact Bob please call on 0417 446 510.