We Did Something Special!

We are proud to announce that on Tuesday 8th March, Forest Rangers Football Club (FRFC) together with Lugarno Football club (LFC) and the St George Football Association (SGFA), were the first ever local Australian sporting association to raise enough funds to coordinate the biggest rollout of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Defib Rollout 1 (51)

Our much loved and missed player, coach, committee member, community volunteer and family man Matt (Richo) Richardson passed away in 2014.  To honour his memory, on 8th June 2015, FRFC and LFC organised the inaugural Richo cup at Gannons Park in a mission to promote awareness of both ladies and men’s health, as well as raise money to purchase defibrillators for each club and ground in the St George district.

The FRFC, LFC, and SGFA alongside our neighbouring 21 football clubs, and in addition to the help of a government grant organised by David Coleman, MP for Banks, were successful in raising the desired funds to achieve the rollout of 23 AED’s to every club in the SGFA.  Each club will also receive training in operating the AED’s for all club personnel, first aiders, coaches & managers.

It was momentous to see all SGFA clubs reunite for such an occasion and a great night was had by all!

We would like to thank the St George Maso’s for letting us hold the AED Rollout event at their club and for generously donating an AED to our association.  Thanks to Football NSW Chairman, Greg O’Rourke, for being in attendance and who had an understanding of what the clubs had gone through to make this even happen.  Big thanks of course to David Coleman for attending and for organising the grant. Not to forget Craig Kiely and the St George Football Association Board for all their assistance with the rollout.

Thank you also to St George Football Referees Association (SGFRA) and their referees who also supported us during the Richo Cup and who’s donation also contributed to this rollout.  Thanks to Sue Buckman from Defib For Life who supplied the AEDs and attended to hand out the defibrillators.  A thank you is also owed to Andy Paschalidis for his involvement from the start. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped throughout – you know who you are!

A special thanks to Kylie Richardson and Family for allowing us to use Richo’s name in helping promote health and awareness.

Visit the following link to view more pictures of this rewarding occasion: