Last Week’s Holiday Skills Clinic

Last week we conquered another of FRFC’s Football Technique 3-day Holiday Skills Clinic with roughly 45 of our delightful Forest Rangers FC players aged between 6 and 15 years old.

Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, including the coaches!  The feedback from parents was positive and the clinic well received by the kids.

Thank you to all the kids who participated! The kids were very excited to walk away with a new Football Technique training shirt, socks, and a Nike ball, ready to show off their newly acquired skills.


FRFC Football Technique participants April 2016

A big thanks to our talented and patient coaches Jono Nolan, David Cencigh (aka DC) and Michael Dettman (aka Mick).  The clinic was run very smoothly and we applaud Jono Nolan, our FRFC Development Coach, and the many people in the “bleachers” for their efforts in the past 5 years it has been running.

The clinic runs twice a year in April and July.  For more info, visit the ‘Holiday Skills Clinic’ page of our website and lookout for the upcoming clinic scheduled for July this year!

Click on the following link to view our FRFC kids in action: