Want to be part of all the FUN behind the scenes with Forest Rangers FC?

We are looking for a 3-4 volunteers to fill the vacant position in our committee as Registrar & Assistant Registrars. Keeping in mind that the Registrar is required mainly at the beginning of the season.

Ideally the person would need to possess computer skills & moderate Excel skills since the systems in place are computer based. The role will be shared (unlike previous years) as our club has grown substantially and is now one of the largest in the SGFA!

Below is an overview of the Registrar’s role, the workload broken up over the season.  The heaviest period of work being between March-April.


  • Set up registration packages ready for January via myfootballclub.com.au
  • Attend SGFA registrar training night


  • Attend weekend registration days
  • Assist with registration of new and existing player. Problem solving etc

February to April

  • Set up & allocate players to teams in iCompman system
  • Attend submission of teams and grading’s to SGFA
  • Collection and distribution of player and RTO cards

April to June 30

  • Submission and collection of late registrations
  • Submission and collection of regrades

Our previous Registrar will be available to assist with any queries as needed.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer for our local community and meet lifelong friends in a fun environment. Volunteers are always needed so if you would like to assist in any form we would like to hear from you. Please contact either Tracey Alex (secretary@forestrangersfc.com.au) or Brian Faust (vp@forestrangersfc.com.au).