In case you’re wondering this is what we all do.


  • Chairperson at all Committee and/or General Meetings
  • ex-officio member of all Sub-Committees
  • represent the Club to the community
  • responsible for the proper performance of all duties by Committee Officers and Members
  • present a President’s Report to the Annual General Meeting.


  • in the absence of the President, act as the President
  • carry out such other duties as directed by the President.


  • attend to the day-to-day general business of the Club
  • receive and issue correspondence, including notices
  • be an ex-officio member of all Sub-Committees
  • keep a current copy of the Act, these Rules & Policy
  • supply a copy of these Rules & Policy to new Adult Members, if requested
  • present a Secretary’s Report to the Annual General Meeting.


  • ensure that all moneys due to the Club are collected, banked and recorded, and that all payments authorised by the Committee are made
  • ensure that correct books and accounts are kept, showing the financial affairs of the Club, including full details of all receipts and expenditures on behalf of the Club
  • present financial reports to Meetings, as required
  • present a Treasurer’s Report and the Club’s financial accounts to the Annual General Meeting.


  • responsible for the registration of all Players of football for the Club
  • keep adequate records of all such Player registrations
  • responsible for the registering of such Players and their respective Teams with the Association and/or other bodies that may be accepted and approved by the Committee and/or the Club.


  • responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all of the Club’s football playing equipment (shirts, balls, bibs, cones/domes, etc.)
  • maintain a current Equipment Register of such equipment
  • issue such equipment to Team Managers at season start
  • receive such equipment from Team Managers at season end
  • record such issues and receipts in the Equipment Register.


  • responsible for the proper running, preparation and maintenance of the Canteen
  • responsible for the procurement of all goods stocked and sold from the Canteen
  • responsible for the scheduling of Teams canteen duties.


  • responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all the Club’s communication including website, social media sites, newsletters and other communication as required.


  • responsible for the attraction of sponsors
  • responsible for the implementation of the attracted sponsors monies and how this is enacted subject to the approval of the Committee
  • responsible to maintain a Register of Sponsors and their respective details.


  • keep such records as are required under the Act and maintain the current Register of Members.


  • Introduce and co-ordinate coaching techniques / programs for the club coaches
  • Identify coaching requirements needed to coach junior teams
  • Introduce the Junior Technique program through extra training session
  • Talent identification to have more balanced teams through ability selection and training.
  • Identify coaching requirements needed to coach senior teams


  • Register scores with the Association in required format and by time required
  • Ensure match sheets are completed in accordance with Association requirements
  • Arrange for completed Match Sheets to arrive at Association by required day/time.
  • Ensure playing cards are collected during playing season where required.


  • responsible for looking after ground equipment (ropes, line marking supplies, nets & posts etc) as well as general maintenance of Gannons Park in consultation with Hurstville Council.


  • responsible to attend all Meetings and assist in the running of the Club.

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