Team Selection Process

In 2018, Forest Rangers Football Club introduced grading for our under 10 and under 11 teams. In 2019, we introduced our Talent Identification Program (TIP) which involved team selection via a trial process from the under 8 to under 11 age groups. In 2020, we are extending the program to include the under 12 age group.

We believe that the grading our players is an important step to enhance all of our player’s enjoyment and skill development. Research has found that children enjoy sport much more and develop skills quicker when they play and train with players of their own ability.

The Grading Process

We have learnt quite a lot from our TIP program in 2019 and we have further refined our grading process that  tests the four core football skills but also to provide a fair platform for players of all positions. We had very positive feedback regarding the success of our graded teams in 2019. However, we also listened to feedback provided which we will incorporate in our program for 2020.


All of our assessors are carefully selected for their football knowledge. To avoid any possible conflict of interest, all of the assessors have no involvement in the age group being assessed (no parents, siblings, coaches, managers).


We also recognise that individuals continue to improve/mature during the off season and variations in these areas can change significantly in the younger age groups so we trial each season to ensure that all players have an opportunity each season.

The trial process itself is as follows:

  • Players attend two grading sessions where they are assessed on certain criteria as compared with their peers by our experienced and impartial assessors.
  • Each player’s grading score is recorded and the players are ranked within their age group.
  • The grading committee assess the rankings for each player and forms the development team that will enter the TIP. It is important to note; that players grading results are often very close around the cut off mark between each team and this is where the feedback from the development coaches can assist with team selection.

The grading committee form the TIP teams and then submit their report to the FRFC Executive Committee, which in turn reviews the process to ensure that the system was fair and impartial. Once approved, the grading committee will communicate with all trialists to advise whether they have been selected.   

If required some age groups may be called back for another grading session or certain players may be assessed at team training sessions.

  • Players who attend both sessions they will be at advantage as graders can better judge of a players ability. 
  • For those players that have a genuine reason why they cannot make one of the days, please do attend at least one session so that the graders can at least see them and if required a second grading day can be offered if the assessors believe that it would be warranted.