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Weekend Trials Updates

Some of the teams have dropped out and some time changes. Please check your games again.


    Council wishes to advise that all sports fields in the  Georges River area are CLOSED for all school use,  training and competition.

Rego – Pay – Gear Pick Up

Tonight you can register, pay for your registration and pick up some gear. Time is running out to guarantee a playing card for your first game of the season !

Pre-season trial games – 23&24 March

If the flood waters recede we can emerge from the ark for this weekends trial games! Most games are at Rockdale and Chipping Norton. They are both popular venues and Chipping Norton has excellent fields beside the river. …

NEWSFLASH - Girls and Women Wanted!!!


We thank the 2019 sponsors for their support.
You too could join our local community as a sponsor to receive great benefits.
At Gannons Park every Saturday and Sunday from 8.00am to 5.00pm we display our sponsors’ logos via two large professionally printed signs, which are seen by a large number of people. As our sponsor, have your logo proudly centre-stage here too – think of the exposure!

Your logo will be displayed on our popular and easy-to-navigate website, which achieved over 50,000 visits in 2016. We also have a Facebook page with over 1000 members and up to 4,000 views each month, as well as 153 Twitter followers and 1628 TeamApp members, and new this year instagram, with all sites constantly growing.

Please contact our president Brian Faust at [email protected], or complete the form below if you’re interested in joining us.